Books for Review

The following books are available for review in JASO online at the time of writing:

The following books are available for review in JASO online at the time of writing:

1. Gretchen Bakke and Marina Peterson (eds.), Anthropology of the arts: a reader, London and New York: Bloomsbury 2017, xii, 384 pp. ISBN 978-1-4725-8592-9

2. Anton Blok, Radical innovators: the blessings of adversity in science and the arts, 1500-2000, Cambridge UK and Malden MA 2017, x, 235 pp.

3. Daniel L. Everett, Dark matter of the mind: the culturally articulated unconscious, Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press 2016, xvi, 378 pp. ISBN 978-0-226-07076-6

4. Mark Flandreau, Anthropologists in the stock exchange: a financial history of Victorian science, Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press 2016, xix, 421 pp. ISBN 9780226360447.

5. Jeltje Gordon-Lennox, Crafting Secular Ritual: A Practical Guide. Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2016, 176pp. ISBN: 9781785920882

6. Jane I. Guyer, Legacies, logics, logistics: essays in the anthropology of the platform economy, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press 2016, xii, 312 pp. ISBN 9780226326870.

7. David Lipset and Eric K. Silverman (eds.), Mortuary dialogues: death ritual and the reproduction of moral community in Pacific modernities, New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books 2016, xviii, 244 pp. ISBN 9781785331718.

8. Lucien Scubla, Giving life, giving death: psychoanalysis, anthropology, philosophy, East Lansing: Michigan State University Press 2016, xiv, 367 pp. ISBN 9781611862089.

Anyone interested in reviewing any of these books should contact Emilia Antiglio, the Reviews Editor ( If you are in Oxford, you can view the book beforehand. Please include a postal address in your message if you are not in Oxford, so that we can send you the book (which you may keep in exchange for the review). Please also provide a one-sentence statement of your current affiliation and institutional contact details to be added to the published review; this helps us get indexed. Note that we do not pay for reviews.

Reviews should be in the range of 500 to 1000 words, but lengthier reviews are acceptable if the book being reviewed justifies one. Reviews will be copy-edited and an edited version may be returned to the author for checking or for queries to be answered. Please observe JASO editorial conventions where appropriate.

We ask that reviewers submit their reviews within two months of receiving the book, unless otherwise agreed with the editors.

Robert Parkin, Editor

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