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Cognitive Science of Religion conference, 28-30 June 2010

The Cognition, Religion and Theology (CRT) project hosted a conference on the Cognitive Science of Religion (CSR) at Merton College, Oxford the last week of June, 2010. The conference was the culmination of a process that began, for many, last summer at the CRT workshop. At the workshop participants created research plans and attended classes to learn scientific and statistical methods; following the workshop most attendees entered a CRT small grant competition designed to fund projects created during the workshop. The 2010 conference provided a forum for workshop and other CRT grant recipients to present their experimental and philosophical findings.

Harvey Whitehouse discusses 'Ritual: its causes and consequences' at colloquium in Berlin (20 May 2010)

Harvey Whitehouse was invited to discuss Ritual: its causes and consequences at the 14th Berlin Colloquium of the Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation.

Watch the video here.

Conference presentation (17 May 2010)

Harvey Whitehouse discussed Religion, cohesion and hostility at the Science and Religious Conflict Conference at the James Martin 21st Century School in Oxford on 17 May 2010.

You can listen to the presentation here.

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