JASO Volunteers

JASO Reviews Editor(s): Tasks and Responsibilities

JASO from time to time appoints, on a voluntary and non-remunerated basis, a dedicated Reviews Editor, whose tasks and responsibilities are as follows:

1. To process books received for review from publishers by listing their titles and other publication details on the so-called position list.

2. To list books available for review on a separate list and to advertise them i) on any suitable social media page or outlet dedicated to Oxford anthropology; and ii) on the JASO page of the SAME website (the latter via Kate Atherton).

3. To issue books to reviewers and advise them on the length of the review (normally 750-1000 words) and the time allowed to produce it (normally 2-3 months). These ranges are for guidance only: the exact details can be negotiated with potential reviewers.

4. To record reviewers’ names and contact details on the position list.

5. In a general way, to maintain both the position list and the list of books available for review mentioned in 1 above. For example, once published, older titles may be deleted from the position list; and once released to a reviewer, a title should be removed from the list of books available for review. However, it is best to do the latter only periodically and not for every title, to avoid overburdening the person (Kate Atherton) who deals with the website.

6. Where necessary, to chase tardy reviewers for their reviews in a polite and unaggressive manner.

7. To receive reviews back from reviewers and check them, e.g. supplying missing publication details.

8. In association with the main editor, to copy-edit reviews and return them to reviewers for checking. For style guidance, any recent issue of the journal may be consulted.

9. When all the editorial stages have been completed, to release the review to the main editor, who will make any final editorial changes, if any, and format and otherwise process the review for publication.

10. If any queries or problems arise that the Reviews Editor(s) themselves cannot resolve, they should be referred to the main editor.

11. Any change(s) to these provisions will only be introduced with the agreement of the currently serving reviews editor, if any.

12. In its relations with its volunteers, including the Reviews Editor(s), JASO observes the SAME harassment and bullying policy, details of which are available here.