Dr Hristo Hristov

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Postdoctoral Affiliate

I completed my DPhil in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Dr Laura Fortunato on the effects of hierarchy on cooperation and resistance during inter-group conflict. My work was funded by the Clarendon Fund and the ESRC's Advanced Quantitative Methods scholarship, as well as by the John Fell Fund, and the US Army Research. Additionally, I hold an MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropolgy from the University of Oxford (2015); for my MSc dissertation I received the Dr. Nicola Knight Dissertation Prize in Quantitative Methods.

Broadly speaking, my academic interests lay at the intersection between biology, economics and computational statistics. I study how human subjects make decisions under various circumstances in large-scale online experimental games, stemming from the field of behavioural game theory. More specifically, I concentrate my effort on the so called contest games, which simulate inter-group conflict and competition. My doctoral thesis was based on eight behavioural studies with more than 2300 participants from three national culture, as well as on extensive use of advanced statistics and computational simulations.

Outside of academia I hold a C-level leadership position at fast-growing technological company, where I Iead the product development, system architecture, data engineering, and machine learning effort on various urban analytics projects, which cover the areas of smart mobility, waste management, and air pollution.