Dr Jörg Habermann

Jörg Habermann

Research Affiliate

I am a geologist, specialised in sedimentology and geochemistry, focusing on processes that have been occurring on the Earth’s surface. My current research centers around understanding the relationships between Cenozoic rifting, volcanism, and climate change in East Africa and their impact on continental and coastal paleoenvironments in the context of human evolution. I am presently engaged in projects at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, and Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Focus of this research is the reconstruction of paleolandscapes and sedimentary systems, and their use as environmental and climate archives. My earlier work aimed at understanding the evolution of shallow-marine volcano-sedimentary sequences on the oceanic island shelf of Santa Maria, Azores, using also proxy indicators (stable isotope geochemistry) to reconstruct environmental parameters such as past sea-surface temperature, seasonality, and productivity. Fieldwork is a mainstay of my research that generally also involves laboratory-based petrographic and geochemical observations.