Nutritional Anthropology

Nutritional anthropology is the study of food and nutrition from evolutionary, behavioural, social and cultural perspectives, and how these interact in the production of nutritional health at the individual, community and population levels. 

Lectures and talks delivered by Professor Stanley Ulijaszek (ISCA).

'Biocultural approaches to Type 2 diabetes' (Disease Ecology Lecture, 28 November 2014)


'Obesity: epidemiology and biocultural factors' (Disease Ecology Lecture, 21 November 2014)


'Ecology of undernutrition and infection (14 November 2014)


'Water, human evolution and diet' (a public lecture delivered at Somerset House as part of its Month of Water season, 17 June 2014)


'Inequality, insecurity and obesity' (seminar for the Oxford Centre for Diabestes, Endocrinology and Obesity, 12 February 2014)


'What's the natural human diet?' (22 January 2010)


'Nutritional Quality and Child Growth' (29 January 2010)


'Hunter-gatherer diet' (5 February 2010)


'Intensification of subsistence' (10 February 2010)


'Political ecology and food security' (15 March 2010)


'Obesity: A personal view' (March 2010)