New Series of the Oxford Anthropology Podcast

The Oxford Anthropology Podcast brings together talks by internationally renowned scholars and cutting edge researchers. Their lectures explore a wide range of human experience and feature case studies from around the world. 

This series, released weekly from the 7th of February, features departmental seminars at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography in November 2023. 

This series was only possible thanks to a team dedicated staff and students from The School:

Executive Producers: Eben Kirksey and Stanley Ulijaszek  
Producer: Dora Duo
Sound Design: Seb Antoine
Editors and hosts: Dora Duo, Olivia Elizabeth Freidinger, Peyton Cherry


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Episode 1: Stepping in, helping out, competing with…? State and civic actors in Ukraine’s wartime heritage work

Diana Vonnak (University of Stirling)

Dr. Vonnak reflects on how socio historical events impact the definition, preservation, and sometimes neglect of cultural heritage. She draws from her extensive field work in Ukraine over the past eight years.
Edited and hosted by Dora Duo

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Episode 2: Pentecostalism, Deliverance and Queer Sexuality in Nigeria: Literary Representations

Adriaan van Klinken (University of Leeds)
Professor Adriaan van Klinken takes us to the epicentre of Pentecostalism. Through the emerging body of queer Nigerian literature, van Klinken looks at the motif of the deliverance ritual in a lecture that spans anthropological, gender and sexuality, literary and religious studies.
Edited and hosted by Olivia Elizabeth Freidinger

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Episode 3: The Moral Economy of Infrastructures in Everest Tourism

Jolynna Sinanan (University of Manchester) 
As social media posts from the slopes of Mount Everest become almost commonplace Dr Sinanan focuses on digital media use amongst guides and porters and the impact of digital infrastructures in the area.
Edited and hosted by Peyton Cherry

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