School Governance

School Governance & Organisational Structure

There are numerous opportunities to become involved with the administration of the School and the size of the tasks vary. We are gathering descriptions of each role on SharePoint and would encourage staff to consider how one of these roles may contribute to their career development. Vacancies are circulated via email. As part of the School’s commitment to Athena Swan we particularly encourage female colleagues to apply.

Examples of academic administrative posts in the School:

  • Head of School
  • Director of Unit
  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Chair of Graduate Admissions
  • Chair of Human Sciences Admissions
  • Chair of Arch & Anth Admissions
  • Chair of Examiners
  • Doctoral Admissions and Research Convenor
  • REF Coordinator
  • Coordinator of Methods Modules
  • Chair of School Committee (Research, Working Life, School Forum, IT, Library)
  • Harassment Advisor
  • Members of CUREC Committee
  • Student Awards Committee member
  • Course Directors and Examiners

Graduate Joint Consultative Committee

The Graduate Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meets once a term, and consists of student representatives from each of the graduate degrees and volunteer members from the staff body. It provides a forum for discussion and negotiation between the students and staff concerning a range of matters that arise throughout the year. Points for the agenda are suggested by students and staff, but the JCC is always chaired by a student. Recent issues that have been raised include student involvement with the School Seminar, the structure of various lectures, the provision of common room amenities including a microwave and lockers, the re-writing of the Handbooks, and the fostering of links between the various degrees. The JCC is closely linked to the OUAS, and it is hoped that through these forums, any issue may be appropriately considered. Post-fieldwork DPhil students should make desk requests to the JCC Chair, who’s responsible for the allocation.

Current Chair of the JCC is Yinglei Chen -