Dr Alexandra Alvergne

Research Affiliate

Alex ALVERGNE | CNRS Research Fellow (Institute for Evolutionary Sciences, Montpellier University)

My research focuses on understanding the relationship between reproduction and health in contemporary human populations. Most recently, I have been working on contraceptive dynamics using ecological and cultural evolution approaches.

I seek to understand the role of the environment, be it social, cultural or pathogenic, in shaping diversity in reproductive and non-reproductive health. Some of the questions I am currently interested in are :

  • What is the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and menstrual cycles?
  • Why do women discontinue modern contraception whilst in need of contraceptives ?
  • What is the impact of infection on menstrual health ?
  • How can we understand diversity in age at menopause ?
  • What is the impact of reproduction on ageing ?

To answer those questions, I use various types of data (demographic, physiological, social networks, behavioural) from constrasted populations (the UK, India, Ethiopia and France).

Before joining CNRS, I have been an Associate Professor in the School and a Fellow of Harris Manchester College.

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Selected publications

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