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The Journal of the Anthropological society of Oxford (JASO) was originally launched in 1970 as a hard copy journal; it ceased publication in that form in publication year 2000 (actually in 2005). It was re-launched to coincide with the Centenary of the Oxford Anthropological Society in 2009. The new online journal, called JASO-Online, is a joint collaborative project between JASO, the Society, and the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, which is hosting the website. It is intended to appeal to all branches of the School, staff students and others alike. We hope it will be an active forum open to all for the discussion of anthropology and issues of interest to anthropologists. JASO-Online is available as a free download under a Creative Commons license. Contributors will not be paid for their contributions. As with the original JASO, our policy will be to accept articles of interest to anthropologists from any discipline and any part of the world. We therefore invite contributions in the form of articles especially (see below for information on book reviews).

JASO is an anonymously peer reviewed journal. There is no Publication Fee (APC). A strict quality threshold applies (including the English language), and that we therefore cannot undertake in advance to accept papers or other items offered to us. All contributions should be in English. Information for contributors is on a separate page linked below. Completed submissions should be sent as email attachments to the Editors at:

Potential book reviewers

The Editorial team are also seeking students in particular who would like to select a work from a broad range of anthropological texts and write a review of between five hundred and one thousand words in length (1.5-3 pp. preferably towards the lower end of this range). In return the reviewer may keep the book (which JASO will usually be able to provide), but we cannot, of course, guarantee acceptance of the review before having seen it. If you wish to take a look at the list, please e-mail your request to or contact the editors (address above). The final review should be e-mailed to the e-mail address above for articles.  David Zeitlyn, Chihab El-Khachab and Morgan Clarke (editors) and the OUAS Committee (editorial board).

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ISSN 2040-1876

Continuation of Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford ISSN 0044-8370 Vols. 1-31, 1970-2000.

JASO has been given quality accreditation by being listed in the following directories: ERIH PLUS and in the Directory of Open Access Journals.