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New Series, Volume X, no. 2 (2018)


(ISSN: 2040-1876)

  • Editor: Robert Parkin
  • Web Editor: David Zeitlyn
  • Reviews Editor: Summer Qassim

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Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online

ISSN: 2040-1876 New Series, Volume X, no. 2 (2018)

Fabiana Maizza, The wander women: some thoughts about gender in Amazonia, 136-156

Jordi Tomàs, Adriana Kaplan and Marie-Alix Le Charles, Female genital mutilation/cutting in Basse-Casamance (Senegal): multiple voices from a plural South, 157-179

Yura Yokoyama, The class-oriented inheritance of ethnicity: analysis of the symbolic capital of Japanese-ness among Japanese Brazilians in Recife and Ivoti, 180-192

Daniel Jara, Cosmological renewal: an anthropological analysis of New Year celebrations in the Andes as a rite of passage, 193-203

Felix Padel, Omar Sadik and Malvika Gupta, Review article: The Kurdish quest for a democratic civilization, through democratic confederalism and a sociology of freedom, 204-212

Book reviews, 213-244

R. Darnell, M. Hamilton, R.L.A. Hancock and J. Smith (eds.), The Franz Boas Papers, Volume 1: Franz Boas as Public Intellectual - Theory, Ethnography, Activism (Yves Laberge), 213-215

D.S. Farrer (ed.), War magic: religion, sorcery, and performance (Andrés Napurí), 216-217

Didier Gazagnadou, The diffusion of a postal relay system in premodern Eurasia (Micah Tan), 217-218

Jane I. Guyer, Legacies, logics, logistics: essays in the anthropology of the platform economy (Irmelin Joelsson), 218-221

Małgorzata Irek, Travelling with the Argonauts: informal networks seen without a vertical lens (Yulia Savikovskaya), 221-224

Bruno Latour, Down to earth: politics in the new climactic regime (Kimberly Schoemaker), 225-229

Jeannette Mageo and Elfriede Hermann (eds.), Mimesis and Pacific transcultural encounters: making likenesses in time, trade and ritual reconfigurations (Lai Hung Yu), 229-231

Daniel Miller, The comfort of people (Carrie Ryan), 231-233

Dev Nath Pathak (ed.), Another South Asia! (Anakshi Pal), 234-235

Sophie Seebach and Rane Willerslev (eds.), Mirrors of passing: unlocking the mysteries of death, materiality, and time (Alexander Foster), 236-240

Katherine Swancutt and Mireille Mazard (eds.), Animism beyond the soul: ontology, reflexivity, and the making of anthropological knowledge (Yuxin Peng), 240-242

Terence S. Turner, The fire of the jaguar (Lauren Feldman), 242-244

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