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New Series, Volume XI, no. 1 (2019)


(ISSN: 2040-1876)

  • Editor: Robert Parkin
  • Web Editor: David Zeitlyn
  • Reviews Editor: Summer Qassim

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Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online

ISSN: 2040-1876 New Series, Volume XI, no. 1 (2019)

Venetia Johannes, Consuming the nation: food and national identity in Catalonia, 1-24

Romina Istratii, Epistemological reflexivity and labyrinthine ethnography: insights from a gender-sensitive study of conjugal abuse in a religious society, 25-52

Carles Salazar, Understanding sacred objects: towards and anthroologucal theory of religious meaning, 53-68

Robert Parkin, Learning kin terms: a social anthropological perspective, 69-74

Felix Padel, Review article: J.P.S. Uberoi: Mind and Society: From Indian Studies to General Sociology, 75-82

Ashley Thuthao Keng Dam, Review article: Nationalizing cuisines: an exploration of alimentary allegiances and culinary communities, 83-88

Book reviews, 89-101

Peter Graif, Being and hearing: making intelligible worlds in deaf Kathmandu (Susan Degnan), 89-91

Jenny Munro, Dreams made small: the education of Papuan Highlanders in Indonesia (Nina Khamsy), 91-96

Aurélia Névot, Masters of psalmody (bimo): scriptural shamanism in southwestern China (Alexander K. Smith), 96-98

Louise Steel and Luct Attala (eds), Body matters: exploring the materiality of the human body (May Tamimova), 98-101


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