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New Series, Volume XV (2023)

Special issue: Uncertainty and survivance: what remains after the crisis?

  • Guest editor: Wesam Hassan


(ISSN: 2040-1876)

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Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online

ISSN: 2040-1876 New Series, Volume XV (2023)


CONTENTS (also available as a Word file)

Wesam Hassan, Introduction - Uncertainty and survivance: what remains after the crisis?, 4-14 (Word version)


1 Naomi Marshall, Context matters: utilising Vizenor’s theory of Native survivance to explain experiences of genetic difference in England and Wales, 15-30 (Word version)

2 Alexia Liakounakou, Bodies-in-crisis: beauty, narrative, and the management of dispersal, 31-46 (Word version)

3 Molly Acheson, Austerity as disabling: the state and uncertainty in the futures of children with disabilities, 47-68 (Word version)

4 Wesam Hassan, The phantasm of luck: a precariat’s notion of survivance in Istanbul, 69-90 (Word version)

5 Mariz Kelada, Media’s street politics: invisible infrastructures of filming in Cairo, 91-113 (Word version)

6 Freya Hope, ‘There will always be Travellers’: certainty as survivance in a new alternative world?, 114-133 (Word version)

7 Sanne Rotmeijer, The lottery of life: practices of survivance, future orientation, and everyday news routines on a Dutch Caribbean island, 134-153 (Word version)

8 Julio Rodríguez Stimson, Farming paradise: COVID-19 and the coexistential rift, 154-177 (Word version)

9 Akira Shah, Digital ethnography in COVID-19: improvisation and intimacy, 178-193 (Word version)

10 Peyton Cherry, Under pressure and voicing up: Japanese youth tackling gender issues, 194-217 (Word version)

11 Gilda Borriello, Chasing possible futures: refugee entrepreneurs navigating uncertainty, 218-242 (Word version)

12 Gabrielle Maria Masi, Turning uncertainty into risk: cultural heritage and Western subjectivity models among unsuccessful return migrants of the Central Mediterranean route (Velingara, Senegal), 243-261 (Word version)

13 Chloe Mei Yee Wong-Mersereau, Conjuring the crisis-imaginary: critical discourse analysis and auto-ethnographic reflections on the Canadian Red Cross, 262-281 (Word version)


Book reviews

Camelia Dewan. Misreading the Bengal Delta: climate change, development, and livelihoods in coastal Bangladesh. Seattle: University of Washington Press 2022, 245 p. ISBN 9780295749617, reviewed by Aishwarya Mukhopadhyay, 282-283 (Word version)

Philip A. Clarke. Aboriginal peoples and birds in Australia: historical and cultural relationships. Clayton: CSIRO publishing 2023. 344 p. ISBN 9781486315970, reviewed by Daniel A. Villar, 284-286 (Word version)

Gwen Burnyeat. The face of peace: government pedagogy amid disinformation in Colombia. Chicago: University of Chicago Press 2022. 320 p. ISBN: 9780226821627, reviewed by David Gellner, 287-289 (Word version)

Peter Metcalf. The anthropology of religion and the worlds of the independent thinkers. London: Routledge 2023. 216 p. ISBN: 1000782387, reviewed by David Zeitlyn, 290-291 (Word version)

Juan Manuel Del Nido. Taxis vs. Ubers: courts, markets, and technology in Buenos Aires. Stanford: Stanford University Press 2021. 256 p. ISBN: 9781503611528, reviewed by Hongshan Wang, 292-294 (Word version)

Gaye Sculthorpe, Maria Nugent, and Howard Morphy (eds.) Ancestors, artefacts, empire: Indigenous Australia in British and Irish museums. London: British Museum Press 2021. 247 p. ISBN: 9780714124902, reviewed by Jack Norris, 295-297 (Word version)

Arnd Schneider. Expanded visions: a new anthropology of the moving image. London and New York: Routledge 2021. 194 p. ISBN: 9780367253684, reviewed by Jordan Gorenberg, 298-300 (Word version)

Carol V. McKinney. Baranzan’s people: an ethnohistory of the Bajju of the Middle Belt of Nigeria. Dallas: SIL International 2019. 265 p. ISBN: 9781556713996, reviewed by Kefas Lamak, 301-302 (Word version)

Luiz Bolognesi. The last forest. Santa Monica: Laemmle Monica Film Center 2021. 76 minutes, colour, reviewed by Maria Murad, 303-304 (Word version)

Robert O’Mochain and Yuki Ueno. Sexual abuse and education in Japan: in the (inter) national shadows. Abingdon: Routledge 2022. 222 p. ISBN: 9781032310237, reviewed by Peyton Cherry, 305-307 (Word version)

Francesca Sobande and Layla-Roxanne Hill. Black oot here: Black lives in Scotland. London: Bloomsbury Academic 2022. 248 p. ISBN: 9781913441333, reviewed by Riya Gosrani, 308-309 (Word version)

Nobuhiro Kishigami (ed.) World whaling: historical and contemporary studies. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology [Senri Ethnological Series 104] 2021. 358 p. ISBN: 978-4-906962-87-7, reviewed by Róisín Kennelly, 310-312 (Word version)

Jeremy Adler and Richard Fardon. Franz Baermann Steiner: a stranger in the world. London and New York: Berghahn 2021. 290 p. ISBN: 9781800732704, reviewed by Shannon Lin, 313-314 (Word version)


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