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This special edition of the Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (JASO) extends the concept of 'Survivance', a term that merges 'survival' and 'resistance'.

It is a concept developed by Native American Scholar Gerald Vizenor who has written of traumatic events within Native American history. This edition of JASO uses the lens of survivance to explore uncertain times.

[Survivance] acknowledges both the lasting harm and anxiety inflicted upon people’s lives from crises and unprecedented changes, unpredictable events, and violence, and its determination not to depict these lives solely as reactions to uncertainty, violence, and crisis.

Wesam Hassan (Guest Editor) 


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Wesam HassanIntroduction - Uncertainty and survivance: what remains after the crisis?, 4-14 (Word version)

  1. Naomi MarshallContext matters: utilising Vizenor’s theory of Native survivance to explain experiences of genetic difference in England and Wales, 15-30 (Word version)
  2. Alexia LiakounakouBodies-in-crisis: beauty, narrative, and the management of dispersal, 31-46 (Word version)
  3. Molly AchesonAusterity as disabling: the state and uncertainty in the futures of children with disabilities, 47-68 (Word version)
  4. Wesam HassanThe phantasm of luck: a precariat’s notion of survivance in Istanbul, 69-90 (Word version)
  5. Mariz Kelada, Media’s street politics: invisible infrastructures of filming in Cairo, 91-113 (Word version)
  6. Freya Hope‘There will always be Travellers’: certainty as survivance in a new alternative world?, 114-133 (Word version)
  7. Sanne RotmeijerThe lottery of life: practices of survivance, future orientation, and everyday news routines on a Dutch Caribbean island, 134-153 (Word version)
  8. Julio Rodríguez StimsonFarming paradise: COVID-19 and the coexistential rift, 154-177 (Word version)
  9. Akira ShahDigital ethnography in COVID-19: improvisation and intimacy, 178-193 (Word version)
  10. Peyton CherryUnder pressure and voicing up: Japanese youth tackling gender issues, 194-217 (Word version)
  11. Gilda BorrielloChasing possible futures: refugee entrepreneurs navigating uncertainty, 218-242 (Word version)
  12. Gabrielle Maria MasiTurning uncertainty into risk: cultural heritage and Western subjectivity models among unsuccessful return migrants of the Central Mediterranean route (Velingara, Senegal), 243-261 (Word version)
  13. Chloe Mei Yee Wong-MersereauConjuring the crisis-imaginary: critical discourse analysis and auto-ethnographic reflections on the Canadian Red Cross, 262-281 (Word version)


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