JASO 1976-1979


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Editorial Note

Marc Augé  Anthropology and the problem of ideology  1-10

Kirsten Hastrup and Jan Ovesen  The joker's cycle  11-26

Chris Halsall  The purity of Irish music - some 19th century attitudes  27-34b

Tim Jenkins  Review article [on 'Perceiving women', edited by S. Ardener]  35-41

Mark Aston  Review article [on 'Surveiller et punir', by M. Foucault']  42-50

Book Reviews  51-4


Editorial Note

John Morton  'Dan Sperber and the anacondas': an ethnographic comment on Sperber's theory of symbolism  109-20

Mike Taylor  Social anthropology as discourse  121-8

Mark Beeson  On an aspect of 'The raw and the cooked' [musical language]  129-37

Ed Condry  The impossibility of solving the highland problem [Scotland]  138-49

Ragnar Johnson  Review article [on] 'Ritual and knowledge among the Baktaman of New Guinea', by F. Barth  150-60

Book Reviews  161-2




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Editorial Note

Hilary Callan  Review article [on 'Biosocial anthropology', edited by R. Fox]  106-13

Philip Kreager  Malthus and formal analysis: a cautionary tale  63-73

Joanna Hodge  Hermeneutics in anthropology  74-83

Malcolm Chapman  What science is saying about the Celts  84-94

Michael Carrithers  Review article [on 'World conqueror and world renouncer: a study of Buddhism and polity against a historical background', by S.J. Tambiah]  95-105

Book Reviews  114-15




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Editorial Note

Jan Ovesen  Maurice Godelier and the study of ideology  1-12

Maryon McDonald  Language 'at home' to educated radicalism  13-34

Malcolm Chapman  Reality and representation [on structuralism]  35-52

Sarah Skar  Men and women in Matapuquio [Peru]  53-60

Tamara Dragadze  Anthropological fieldwork in the USSR  61-70

Book Reviews  71-80


Editorial Note

Roger Just  Some problems for Mediterranean anthropology  81-97

Sue Wright  Prattle and politics: the position of women in Doshman-Ziari  98-112

Roger Rouse  Talking about shamans  113-28

Vernon Reynolds  Grasshoppers and slugs [comment on 'Maurice Godelier and the study of ideology', by J. Ovesen, 'Reality and representation', by M. Chapman and 'Language "at home" to educated radicalism', by M. McDonald]  129-30

Malcolm Chapman and Maryon McDonald  The missing link [comment on 'Grasshoppers and Slugs', by V. Reynolds]  131-2

GERTRUDE  A postface to a few prefaces [sexual author attitudes]  133-42

Anthony Shelton  The Dutch connection [review article on 'Structural anthropology in the Netherlands', by P.E. Josselin de Jong]  143-8

Book Reviews  149-56




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Editorial Note                                                    

Douglas Johnson  Colonial policy and prophets: the 'Nuer settlement', 1929-1930  1-20

Sarah Skar  The use of the public/private framework in the analysis of egalitarian societies  21-30

Roma Standefer  The symbolic attributes of the witch  31-47

David Scobey  Rousseau and the call for anthropology  48-60

Book Reviews  61-8


Editorial Note

Joanna Lowry  The structure of subjectivity: problems in ethnographic description  69-82

Allison James  Confections, concoctions and conceptions [U.K. material; childhood]  83-95

Steve Priddy  Fieldwork and the Border Country [review article on 'The fight for Manod', by R. Williams]  96-101

David Turton  Bridewealth payments and Nuer cattle [comment on 'Colonial policy and prophets: the "Nuer settlement" 1929-30', by D. Johnson]  102-4

Book Reviews  105-14


Editorial Note

Mark Elvin  Mandarins and millenarians: reflections on the Boxer uprising of 1899-1900  115-38

Malcolm Crick  Anthropologists' witchcraft: sybolically defined or analytically done? [comment on 'African witchcraft beliefs: the definitional problem' and 'The symbolic attributes of the witch', by R. Standefer]  139-46

David Parkin  Straightening the paths from wilderness: the case of divinatory speech  147-60

Elizabeth Munday  When is a child a 'child'?: alternative systems of classification  161-72

Book Reviews  173-84