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Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online
ISSN: 2040-1876 New Series, Volume XIII, no. 1 (2021)
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Guest editors: Elisabeth Hsu, Paola Esposito, Paula Sheppard, Stanley Ulijaszek

SPECIAL ISSUE (also available as a word file)

Table of contents

I. Setting the scene2-10

Elisabeth Hsu, Lessons learnt from a pandemic: outline, 2-4

Sonora English, Staging the COVID-19 pandemic: revisiting Rosenberg’s dramaturgical form of epidemics, 4-10


II. Policies and predispositions11-24

Aya Ahmad, Zihan Xu and Yibing Liu, Data surveillance as an ideological priority? 11-14 

Aya Ahmad, Zihan Xu and Yibing Liu, Mask-wearing as a cultural practice, 14-19

Elisabeth Hsu, Policies and predispositions: reflections on the limitations of culturalism, 19-24


III. Efficacious metaphors? 25-51

Yasmynn Chowdhury, The militarization of COVID-19 as a disease and a sickness, 25-34

Gillian Chan, How mild is ‘mild’ COVID-19? 35-41

Paola Esposito, Multimodal biosocialities, 41-51


IV. Reproducing inequalities, 52-69

Gillian Chan and Dora Lan, Inequality shaping epidemics, epidemics reproducing inequality: intersectionality and COVID-19, 52-60

Sarah Spellman, Clapping for carers: reproducing inequality during COVID-19, 61-67

Paula Sheppard, Reproducing inequalities, 68-69


V. Outlook: coevolution and ecological public health70-75

Sonora English, Stanley Ulijaszek and Anja Selmer, Coevolution and the emergence of disease: ecological thinking in public health and beyond, 70-75


BOOK REVIEWS77-102 (word file)

Abigal A. DumesDivided bodies: Lyme disease, contested illness, and evidence-based medicine, reviewed by Jordan Gorenberg, 77-79

Nicholas Q. EmlenLanguage, coffee, and migration on an Andean-Amazonian frontier, reviewed by Sabine Parrish, 79-81

Michael G. Flaherty, Lotte Meinert and Anne Line Dalsgård (eds.) Time work: studies of temporal agency, reviewed by Eveliina Kuitunen, 81-84

Jack GlazierAnthropology and radical humanism, reviewed by Shelvis Smith-Mather, 84-86

A. GolubevThe things of life: materiality in late Soviet Russia, reviewed by Emma Rimpiläinen, 86-88

Lesley GreenRock |Water | Life: ecology and humanities for a decolonial South Africa, reviewed by Tiffany Teng, 88-90

Benno HerzogThe invisibilization of suffering: the moral grammar of disrespect, reviewed by Mikaela Brough, 90-92

Dan HicksThe Brutish Museums: The Benin bronzes, colonial violence, and cultural restitution, reviewed by Sabrina Illiano, 93-95   

Bruno Latour and P. WeibelCritical zones: the science and politics of landing on earth, reviewed by Quentin Louis, 95-97

Eugene RichardsonEpidemic illusions: on the coloniality of global public health, reviewed by Aneel Singh Brar, 97-100

Charles StaffordEconomic life in the real world: logic, emotion and ethics, reviewed by Prajol Gurung, 100-102

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Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online
ISSN: 2040-1876 New Series, Volume XIII, no. 2 (2021)
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CONTENTS (also available as a Word file)

Kaoru NishijimaThe Dayak ‘kingdom’ and indigenous sovereignty in Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan, 103-129 (Word file)

Göran AijmerThe enigmatic clans of the Palaung: kinship clusters and continuity in Upper Burma, 130-154 (Word file)

Felix PadelTowards an anthropology of spies and intelligence agencies, 155-194 (Word file)

Shubhra MurarkaReview article: Audra Simpson, Mohawk Interruptus: Political Life Across the Border of Settler States, 195-200 (Word file)


BOOK REVIEWS201-205 (Word file)

Rebecca CassidyVicious games: capitalism and gambling, reviewed by Wesam Hassan,  201-204

Jennifer EricksonRace-ing Fargo: refugees, citizenship, and the transformation of small cities, reviewed by Judit Molnár , 204-205


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